Jordan Plevnes:

Igor Stanojoski masterfully enters into the forest of the Macedonian novel, armed with an incredible arsenal of language and political archeology of memories that convert the city of Lviv into an incredible maze. From this maze we start our plunge into the capital of the author's imagination, cafe Gargle, which in both of its historical constellations, before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall, becomes our literary life-giving source. In this life-giving source we later and eventually get acquainted the fate of the all of the heroes of this wonderful literary adventure.



Zvonko Taneski:

The emergence of the novel Gargle by Igor Stanojoski is a unique event in modern Macedonian literature… The affective love in and towards this novel is unconventional for the Macedonian literature… The rhythm of the events is extremely exciting and just perfect for an effective film adaptation… but in this moment, perhaps the most important thing is that our reading audience would be able to find something really new and exciting in this novel. The novel Gargle would surely also bring a fervor in the bit drowsy waters of the Macedonian literature.


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